Uses And Properties Of Helium - List

Uses Of Helium
  • Used in air balloons
  • Sometimes used in lasers
  • Used for making helium-ion microscope
  • Used in medical industry for breathing observation
  • Used to cool down super conduction magnets
  • Used as a cooling medium in Large Hadron Collider (LHC)
  • Used to keep satellite instruments cool 
  • Used as a cooling medium in superconducting magnets in MRI scanners and NMR spectrometers.
  • Used in weather balloons and airships
  • Used to create an inert protective atmosphere
  • Used to detect leaks in car air-conditioning systems
  • Helium-neon gas lasers are used to scan bar codes

Properties Of Helium
  • Colorless and odorless
  • Helium is completely inert
  • When cooled it forms liquid helium
  • It is less soluble in water than any other gas
  • It is non-flammable
  • Lowest boiling point of any element, -268.9°C
  • The freezing point of helium is -272.2°C

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