Reasons For A Site Marked As Deceptive Site in Google Chrome

Some time we trying to visit some websites in google chrome, we can see a message "Deceptive Site Ahead"

How To Check Your Website Is In Google's Deceptive List

You can easily check your site is in google's deceptive list

Replace with your site URL

Example :

Reasons For A site marked As Deceptive Site in Google Chrome

  • Website may be hacked
  • Website may contain malware
  • Website may be infected with virus
  • Visitors redirected to other websites
  • Suspicious code that could be a malware or trojan
  • Website using low quality advertising network
  • Display ads linking to websites with malware or infected contents

Some of the website owners feel very sad because the website not contain any malware or infected contents, but the website is listed as "Deceptive". This is mainly because of the ad networks they are used. Some new ad networks serve ads that leads to some websites with malware or infected contents. ie when a visitor click on the ads he will be redirected to a infected website. So as a result your site is also listed as "Deceptive".

So selecting an ad network is very important for site owners. Some ad networks offer very good CPM or CPC rates but only use trusted ad networks. 

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