Introduction to Blogging - Types of Blogs - Benefits of Blogging

A blog is a discussion or informational web site published on the World Wide Web consisting of number of posts.

Types Of Blogs
  • Personal blogs
  • Group blogs
  • Micro blogs
  • Corporate and organizational blogs
  • Aggregated blogs
  • Reverse blogs

Personal blogs

The personal blog is a blog written by an individual.

Group blogs

The personal blog is a blog written by a group.

Micro blogs

Micro blogs are the blogs with  small pieces of digital contents such as text, pictures, links,videos etc...

Corporate and organizational blogs

A blog can be private, as in most cases, or it can be for business purposes.

Aggregated blogs

Individuals or organization may aggregate selected feeds on specific topic or product such as media blogs. photo blogs etc...

Reverse blogs

A reverse blog is composed by its users rather than a single blogger.

Creating a blog is very easy but running a blog in not easy. A new blog is being created every second of every minute of every hour of every day.

Benefits of Blogging

  • Source of income
  • Get more clients in business
  • Become a better writer
  • Learn more knowledge
  • Establish yourself
  • Establish online presence
  • Sell your products
  • Help others  etc....

What About Earnings

Your earnings is depends your works. Most of bloggers starts a blog as a hobby but it became a full time job. Some bloggers work without earning in other hand some blogs run with earnings more than 100000$ per year.

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